Sunday, 30 December 2012

Nigerian militants kill seven in raids on northern towns (


That’s the only word that can describe the attitude to the killings, the manslaughters, the murders, the homicide, the genocide, the serial killing, the mass murder that has plagued the northern regions of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; the sleeping giant, the most populous country on the earth only black continent.

Six people died in an attack on a church on Christmas Day, while seven people were killed on Wednesday in …

…15 people had died in the attack; many had had their throats slit…   

In a second attack, gunmen killed two people, including a policeman, and burnt down government buildings in…

…Five people were killed in a raid on a village outside…

These just decries a typical week in a country that is not at war with its neighbours or with itself, and people just go about their business like, ‘it aint no thing’

How did this happen?

How did we get here?

How come the populace are so indifferent to the loss of life?

It’s not the streets of Harlem; neither is it taking place in the Gaza Strip.

We really need to rethink our outlook towards life and re-evaluate the worth of human life.

Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Long Live The Eagle!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

At Least 15 Killed in Sect Attack in North Nigeria (

Wyclef Jean sang a seven minute song about Dialo; many a things struck me about that song, but that which struck me the most was the two minute skit before the actual song.

Dialo found himself late in entering his house when he noticed a group of people moving close to him, his first emotion was trepidation for he thought it was men of the underworld approaching him for harm, next was relief to discover it was members of the LAPD, charged with the task o protect and to serve, like the lawful citizen he was he proceeded to identify himself.

That was the last emotion he was ever to feel as his body was riddled with bullet holes from the police that mistook his gesture as threatening.

Was it the fact that the police due to the fact that they found themselves in a threatening neighbourhood reacted before, a would be assailant, could produce a concealed weapon?


Was it the fact that he was riddled with forty-three bullets?


It was the fact that Dialo would still be alive if only he was a Nigerian.

The average Nigerian would have felt no relive in the fact that he was being approached by members of the Nigerian police in a dark corner of a darker night.

Thus he would have made any move at all, threatening or otherwise, thus the police wouldn’t have any reason to respond with a lead shower.

 A simple misunderstanding would thus never have cumulated to a seven minute song by Wyclef Jean featuring Yassou Ndour.
Long Live Dialo    

Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Long Live The Eagle!

Nigeria Rights Leader Blasts Journalists Detention


When two or three elephants fight it’s the grass and the trees that suffer,

The federal government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, have been going head to head with the infamous sect Boko Haran, the citizen of Nigeria have suffered collateral damage as the grass and tress suffering the wrath of the clash of the Titians, the latest casualties being none other than the two journalist that have been detained for none other reason than journalistic integrity.

The world has to know what’s going on, how would they know except they read? How would they read except the news paper write? How would they write if the journalists don’t report? And how can the journalist report from the confines of detention?

That’s a whole lot of ifs, but we have to start from somewhere. 

Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Long Live The Eagle!

Sunday, 26 February 2012


(Right to sue companies for rights abuses in foreign countries at stake in ... :
If you have a date with the devil, then be prepared to dine in hell!
Some say big business is nothing short of warfare!
These corporations are almost a nation unto themselves, with outreach that surpass those of the richest of nations. For no mater how rich a nation may be, its sovereignty does not exceed it shores. Not so for corporate bodies, they extend to the outer reaches of the earth, and beyond.
Little wonder they always find their marks in such underdeveloped and war torn countries where they exert such influence that rivals those of the indigenous governments.
Unfortunately for them, their aims and objectives don't always run parallel to all the prevailing interest groups, thus their forced to take sides, forge alliances, law suits are the inevitable blow backs of such unholy alliance.
But those advocates of justice should remember that if those countries didn't need these corporations they wouldn't have opened their gates to them in the first place!
Long Live Giant Corporations!
Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria!
Long Live The Eagle
'I am The Eagle'
By Arogun Olayinka

Saturday, 25 February 2012


(Nigeria: Odera Secures US$400000 to Shoot Film on Biafra ;
The labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain.
Biafra, a forgotten place indeed: but how can one forget what one has never experienced? How can one experience what one was never taught? How can one learn what one has never known? How does one know what one has never been told?
Those that neglect the past are doomed to repeat it. And that's what our country is going through right about now.
Occupy Nigeria! Might have been born of the January 1st fuel crises, but it only articulate a latent undertone that has been consuming this country like a carcass. It was the team of Biafra, the team of the Niger Delta, and the team of Boko Haran.
Who lay claims to this country? Is it rightfully anyone's? Is it worthy of existence of individual existence? Or is it doomed to implode on itself?
Only time would tell. But those of us that aren't so patient to sit back and watch the very land we stand on, give up right beneath us, are invited a sneak peak of the future, by peering into the past!
Long Live Biafra!
Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria!
Long Live The Eagle
'I am The Eagle'
By Arogun Olayinka

Thursday, 23 February 2012

CHANGING TIMES (Nigeria: Uni-Lag Introduces Terrorism Studies, Produces 8585 Graduates)

The only way to survive as an entity, species or, civilization is to change with the times.
The only constant in life is, change; you either change with it or, are left behind.
A couple of years ago there was no such thing as computer science in secondary syllabus, no you can't be proficient in any discipline without being computer literate. The educational curriculum had to adjust to make room for the change in tide.
Its little wonder The University of Lagos (Unilag) are being pace setters in adjusting to the fade of the era, Terrorism.
Its become painstakingly obvious that the new breed of terrorist, took the time to be schooled in the art of terror, probably from the western education that the claim to be at war wit, it behooves us, the advocates such education to use it to our advantage, rather to have our nemesis use out own knowledge against us to our own detriment!
Long Live Western Education!
Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria!
Long Live The Eagle
'I am The Eagle'
By Arogun Olayinka

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

EMERGING DEMOCRACY Part II (Nigeria's former president to mediate in Senegal ahead of tense vote)

Nigeria in particular and Africa in general is still new to this democracy stuff, unlike ancient democratic civilizations, like the Greeks and the Romans, Africa is still trying to find its footing, that's why most African nations democracy are punctuated by autocrats, dictatorships, warlords and coupe de tat. Not to mention, street protests, revolutions and all out civil war, recently Africa has witnessed three episodes of the facebook revolution in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.
Those that taste the power are hard pressed to let it go, so they cajole, manipulate and intimidate the populace to achieve their aims and objective. Senegal is just another chapter in the emerging democracy that is Africa!
Long Live Senegal
Long Live Democracy!
Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria!
Long Live The Eagle
'I am The Eagle'
By Arogun Olayinka